Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Telecom structure in the UK

The telecom sector in the UK has made huge impact among the business houses, be it the rental line service or the internet network, the entire telecommunication structure has made rapid inroads in commercial sector which in-turn is contributing immensely to the economic structure of the country. In recent years the telecommunication structure in the UK has made significant changes in the business sector. In the set up of UK, the diversity of telecom service providers and ownership regarding the goals and service are defined in statutory formation of the company, it presents a serious difficulty when coming to define policies based on the economies of the industry. Relating to broadband and line services internet traffic in the UK is expected to increase by an average of 35-38 percent every year between 2010-2015. Though the majority of traffic is expected to remain on fixed network which are often used for bandwidth-intensive service. Indeed more users are using the internet for better business standards. It is because people are in need of fast business transaction which cannot be possible without the usage of high speed internet. Yet there is little evidence to demonstrate the internet’s value to UK economy especially. According to a famous economist in London school of Economics Internet is changing every aspect of the way one lives and carries out his or her business in the 21st century. To be honest the broadband and line service has become an indispensible mode of communication for the business sector be it a small scale or a medium scale business or even a large scale business. Talking of the rental line services in the UK, it can be assured that all the business sectors are entitled to get value added service. With the change in time the structure of rental service in the UK is also changing, modern day business phones have changed and service providers are more keen in providing portable land line phone which are highly durable and business oriented. It is guaranteed the commercial sector is sure to get congestion free service which enables to have seamless transfers. Jane steward a software engineer and a owner of a small enterprise in Birmingham opines the current rental lines in the UK have made her business grow in numbers, it has been easier for her to communicate with her clients in a smooth pace. According to recent statistics concluded by one of the reputed economic journals of the country it has been suggested that nearly 77.09% of the business sector are more than happy using the rental service being provided by the service providers. Previously there were one or two service providers in the UK and with the growth of various business sectors currently there are seven or eight service providers providing qualitative broadband and line service. The telecommunication structure of internet and rental line service has brought about a positive dynamics in the economic structure of UK which has contributed immensely and brought about a change in the business communication sector. With the boom in the Information and communication Technology in the UK, it can be said that it is going to bring about a change in the commercial sector by providing value added broadband and line services which will be beneficial for both the commercial sectors and the ICT sector, it can thus be assumed that the two way traffic will give up a positive boost to all and sundry.


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